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NASA Field Trip 2018

2018 NASA Field Trip

NASA  November of 2018 the 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade GT students took the long 4 hour journey to Houston, TX to visit the NASA Space Center. 

 NASA The 5th grade GT students have been tasked with the challenge of colonizing Mars this semester. They must figure out everything from how to grow food, build shelter, get water, power their electronics, etc. 

NASA Our trip to NASA allowed the students to really explore their reserach topics and gather new ideas for their presentaitons. 

NASA We were able to meet with a REAL astronaut and our studnets were able to ask him some brilliant questions about what it's like to be in space. 

NASA I think the only question we have left is which one of our GT students will be the first Ebby Halliday graduate to go to space?