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Hello and Welcome Kiddos and Parents!

I'm very excited to get my school webpage up and running, as I'm sure you're anxious to learn!


I am the technical theatre teacher here at Seagoville High School, where we learn to build, sew, conceptualize, design, and research our way to creative glory!


Please stand by as I add things to the website, for now, know that all assignments are done through google classroom. If you are having toruble logging in, please email me or your councelor so we can get a ticket in.



Class structure:

We will meet every Monday/Tuesday (A/B day) on either Google Meet or Zoom. You will check the bitmoji classroom or the Google Classroom, click on the Date - Assignment, and follow the link. You will have the first 5 minutes of class to get logged in before attendance is taken. If you are running late for any reason, text Ms. Such.

Every Monday & Tuesday you will have:

      • A bellringer/do now
      • An Emotional Check-In
      • An attendence check-in
      • A direct teaching lecture (will be recorded and archived for reference)
      • A time for Q & A
      • An individual or small group activity
      • Instructions for you Friday Project


Wednesdays are reserved for questions or concerns that pop up while doing your project. You may call or text Ms. Such with individual questions. If you need walk through help, please arrange for a conference via Google Meet (15 min. Each)


Thursdays/Fridays are feedback/due days. You will submit your work before or during class. You may receive comments/requests for alterations. These will be submitted via google classroom or in a small group conference. Please check google classroom on Thursday/Friday to find out how feedback will be issued that day.



Teacher will update grades every Saturday. Students have until 10pm on Fridays to submit their assignments without penalty.

Teacher will submit 2 grades/week. This will consist of a “participation grade” which will come from the Monday activity, and a “project grade” which will come from the Friday due project.*

*some projects may take longer than a week, and will involve multiple participation/project 


As an art form, my class works best with a culture of creativity and respect that is honored by all persons. If you are enrolled in my class, you do not participate in bullying, and you listen to all ideas. Period(t).






Virtual Rules:

  1. Listen.
  2. Mute Microphones unless called on.
  3. Keep your cameras on during discussions and off during direct teaching.
  4. Dress and act appropriately.
  5. No Eating or Drinking anything other than water in the class.

3.  Come prepared, physically and mentally.

3. No physical or verbal negativity.

4. Don’t touch any equipment or boards without permission.

5. Honor the C.H.A.M.P.S.


1. Non verbal warning or verbal warning

2. Isolation and Conference - Behavior Log

3. Parent Contact, Behavior Contract, Incident Report, Behavior Log 2

If student refuses to do classwork, they will sign a contract accepting and documenting the zero. 

4. Parent Contact, Behavior Log 3, Referral


SHS Dragon Drama Department Website:


Bitmoji Classroom:


Google Class Codes

1st/6th ADVISORY: t2o7lwg

2nd Tech I: g3zc4gg

3rd Tech II & III: rlyvxtg

4th CONFERENCE: email/text

5th Tech I: wyeuiic

7th Tech I: cuy7gq3

8th Tech I: ullazmt

9th Tech II-IV: rke3v4u

1. You will be given assignments by me Tuesday & Thursday, just like if we were at school. Therefore, please check the google classroom each Tuesday and Thursday to ensure that you are doing the work. Assignments will be posted at 9:00 AM. You will have until that Friday to complete them without penalty.
1A. You must complete the attendence check in that day to be marked present.
2. Not all assignments will be the same. Read ALL INSTRUCTIONS! Google translate anything you can't understand, or email me, or comment and ask. ALWAYS ASK!
3. Even though I will not be physically there, I will be working between the hours of 9:00-5:00, so please contact me with any questions or comments during that time. Best way to contact me is either email (, remind (@b237f4) or GroupMe ( Video chatting is available b/t the hours of 9am-4pm on Zoom. Email, or comment for an appointment time.
4. Even though you are learning from home, assignments will still be counted late, incomplete etc. unless there are extenuating circumstances.
5. When we do group discussions or when you comment on an assignment, please use discretion. (n. the quality of behaving or speaking in such a way as to avoid causing offense or revealing private information.) I can see everything, Mr. Enderle can see everything, your parents can see everything. No swearing, no offensive language, no violence, and no inappropriate videos and images.

Ms. Such
(469) 333-0381