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Scrap Can Be Beautiful!

The Scrap Can Be Beautiful exhibit is an show of metal sculptures hosted by Commercial Metals Corporation and is in conjunction with their annual shareholders meeting.  For the past 39 years, Commercial Metals has sponsored the metal program at BTW and with that, they host our exhibit with cash prizes for the students.  The exhibit is held at their corporate office, and the winning sculptures are exhibited at their headquarters for the year. 
Winners are nominated in two categories, Table sculptures and floor sculptures.  
Name Title Category Grade 1st 2nd 3rd Honorable Mention Work
James Page-Daniels* Born from the Ashes Floor 11 X        ash
Ivan Young Fisher Floor 12     X    Fisher
Joshua Reyes Heavy Metal Floor 11   X      hm
Lily Keith Wings Floor 12       X  wings
John Hollas Bird of Prey Table 12   X      Bird of Prey
Alex Vargas Flower Table 11       X  flowr
Lily Keith Heliz Table 12       X  heliz
James Page-Daniels* Mondays Table 11 X        Mondays
Edward Negrete Square Symmetry Table 11     X    ss