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Congratulations to our four senior students!

Congratulations, Josh Nash, Julian Jordan, Holden Danile, and Josh Bowman! These BTW Seniors entered the 24-Hour Video Race, which took place August 23rd-24th. They went to the Angelika on August 23rd to receive the instructions and requirements for their film. They were instructed to produce a video (from scratch) using the theme of "Empathy." The film was required to be 5-minutes or less and had to include a Shakespeare quote, a pen and paper, and something biodegradable.

Josh, Julian, Holden, and Josh wrote, directed, filmed, acted in, and scored their film entirely themselves...within 24 hours! After making it through the first round (High School Division), their film, "A Soul in Agony," was presented in the finals (among 7 other films) at the Angelika Theater on Wednesday, September 4th, and went away with 1st place!!

We are so very proud of you!

1st place

1st place team  1st place team