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Andi Boi Project Reading, Friday, October 4, at 7:00 PM, Black Box

Andi Boi  at school

Andi Boi is an upcoming play being produced by Dallas Children's Theater(DCT) in conjunction with Booker T. Washington School of Performing and Visual Arts, First Unitarian Church, and with a grant from the Theatre Communications Group. DCT has a long history of plays like this produced especially for teens. This particular one focuses on a transgender teen.

The public performances of the play will occur in February at the Dallas Children’s Theatre, but we are excited to be hosting one of the early readings at Booker T. You are invited to be a part of this developmental reading, the conversation with resources to follow and to provide your feedback on what you've heard.

Zander Pryor—a theatre junior—is Andi Boi. There are five other Booker T. theatre kids in the show.

Theater provides a powerful platform for dialogue around challenging topics. We hope you will join us for this experience.

Andi Boi Flyer