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Booker T. Science Teacher wins Staples "ThankATeacher" Grand Prize

Ms. Ma'Yet and Aleksander

Staples launched the “Thank a Teacher” campaign this past July, encouraging the entire country to reach out and say thank you to a teacher that has impacted them. Congratulations to Booker T. science teacher, Genevieve Ma'Yet, who is one of ten teachers to receive the Staples Grand Prize "Thank a Teacher" award! Ms. Ma'Yet was nominated by Booker T. Visual Arts Junior, Aleksander Weld, who described his teacher as "Super accepting, supportive and friendly to all students, who always helps through emotional times, ...understands us and sees her students as valid people." Booker T. has received a $10,000.00 Staples gift card to purchase school supplies, which will be much appreciated over this school year.