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Dr. Rudes' Message To All BTW Underclassmen & Families

Hello all:

Here is the message I sent out to all underclassmen this evening via School Messenger:

Hello, BTW underclassmen and families:


We have come to the final two days of the school year.  Thank you to our students and families for the sacrifices and adjustments you have made over the past 2 months while we have continued school in this virtual environment.


I wanted to share a few important items with you:


1) The last day of school is Wednesday, May 27th.  You will have a B day tomorrow, May 26th and an A day on May 27th.  This is your opportunity to wrap things up in your classes - please follow your teachers' directions, attend your classes, and submit your final assignments.


2) You will keep your laptops over the summer.  Please take good care of them so that we have minimal issues in the Fall.


3) We will be sending out additional information regarding textbooks and lockers later this week.  We will have a schedule for families to drop off textbooks and to receive the contents of your lockers.  This will be a contactless procedure that will not involve anyone entering the building.


And lastly, please consider tuning in for our graduation ceremony on Wednesday, May 27th at 7 PM.  You can access the link at .  Let's celebrate the Class of 2020 and show them our support!


I have truly missed seeing all of you over the past several weeks.  I look forward to your return in the Fall - stay tuned as we develop the plan for the opening of school in August.  Take care, stay healthy, and enjoy your summer vacation.



Scott M. Rudes, Ph.D.