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Start of School Q&A

1. Dr. Rudes will be sending out a followup email that includes the first week plans which will have:

a) Zoom Conservatory Meeting Information

b) How to get into PowerSchool Learning to find your Flex Zoom information (partially covered in previous letter) 

c) Directing all students to visiting their Academic Class Pages in PowerSchool Learning to see what they’ll be doing the first day (A Day)

2. Lots of info and support on the At-Home Learning section of our website:

3. Music Conservatory: Please join REMIND (@btwmus2021) for updates about scheduling and courses for periods 6-8. The information in the powerschool system will not reflect the classes we are teaching in a comprehensive or exact way. We will explain this in detail if you join our REMIND and join our Zoom calls during the first week of school.