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BTWHSPVA Alumni Visual Arts Exhibit sponsored by BTW Advisory Board

BTW Alumni Visual Arts Exhibit

The following artists and artwork will be included in the exhibition:


Sophia Anthony - Superfluous Man

Jeremy Biggers - Untitled

Terry Burnett - George

Mark Crow - See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil

Mary Ehrlicher - Layers of Leaves

Angela Faz - Lorenzo

Lauren Forrest - Anthony

Emmanuel Gillespie - Migration

Brian Guilliaux - Bruce Wood Dance Project - Chance

Clinton Helms - Freedom Rain

Aliya Hernandez - I can No Longer Feel You

Salvador Lopez - Untitled

Tristan Manus - A.D. 2020

Daryl Meador - Untitled

Lawrence Quigley - #62 'Traiter'

Krystal Read - Beverly, MA

Rene Rodriguez - Portrait of My Brother

Michael Sanchez - Bars are Forever

Brooklynd Turner - New Self (Open Letter)