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Student Spotlight: Sisters Sharing the Same Passion in Education and Life

Sisters Graduate

There may be a five-year difference in graduation from Emmett J. Conrad High School, but Alma and Emili Quintero share so many commonalities. Both sisters spent their high school years working to help support the family while studying in the Academy of Hospitality and Tourism. In addition, they stayed extremely busy with community service activities and holding officer positions in organizations such as DECA, Student Council, and JROTC. Although they went to separate colleges, these sisters maintained their passion for the same thing….the World of Marketing. Alma received a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from The University of Texas at Dallas, and Emili obtained her Bachelor in Recreation & Tourism Sciences (Focus in Tourism & Event Management) with a minor in Communications from Texas A&M at College Station. Alma has been a Brand Manager with Richards/Lerma, and Emili is an Account Manager with Tic Toc. Whether through work, home life, or travel, the bonds of sisterhood continue to keep them close to this day as they still share many of the same goals and passions.