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Partner Spotlight: William Howell, Jr.

William Howell, Jr.South Oak Cliff Alum

It is true that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and Mr. William Howell, Jr. makes this appreciation evident by capturing images like no other. As a 1995 graduate of South Oak Cliff (SOC) High School and 2002 graduate of the University of Houston, Mr. Howell, Executive Officer of Aesthetic Photography, Inc., in Cedar Hill, TX, expresses this with a photographic eye. While attending SOC, he participated mainly in athletics, but was blessed with an educator who owned a shop in a nearby shopping center that introduced him to the world of business.

Rewind back to the age of 7 when he began to photograph family members using a Polaroid and point & shoot camera. Still today, a majority of his family picture albums are archived due to his passion in photography. In the summer of 2009, his company, Aesthetic Photography, Inc. was created and currently provides services such as corporate portrait photography, corporate branding videos for commercials and infomercials, school portrait photography & athletics and weddings. As a medium-sized business, the focus of this company is to provide quality photography at a reasonable price for people in the community and organizations whose interests include archiving important and meaningful events. Along with photography, he also specializes in other career paths, precisely in areas that focus on construction projects (both commercial and residential) and roofing projects as an investor with Brickhouse Contractors (both residential and commercial).

In the past year, Mr. Howell participated in several CTE engagement opportunities to include visiting teachers and students on campuses that specialize in the Arts, Audio/Video Technology and Communications career cluster, being a voice to the Texas Education Agency’s A-F Certification for Public Comment and participating as a panel speaker during CTE Teacher Night. On the importance for industry partners’ commitment to supporting students in Dallas ISD, Mr. Howell states that “our students will one day be part of the labor force and if we want a highly productive community and city, it would be wise for industry partners to invest in them so the quality of life for students and the city as a whole gets better.” For industry partners considering Dallas ISD students for internships, he states that “we are in a tough and rigid business climate currently in our country. However, working with students in Dallas ISD is a great way for industry partners to simply reach back and help young inspiring students see the many opportunities that await them.”

For more information about Aesthetic Photography, Inc., visit the website HERE.