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Teacher Spotlight: Merjournie Muskin

William Howell, Jr.Dallas Cowboys Class Act Teacher of the Month 

"Ms. Muskin is in her second year as an educator, here at North Dallas High School. She has yet to have what we used to consider a normal school year. Just as we left for virtual learning last year, Ms. Muskin had her first child. She hurriedly returned to work early, working from home with a newborn, when she saw her student's engagement dropping. This school year she has cheerfully weathered moving classrooms and a myriad of additional duties. When she saw that her students were having challenges with virtual learning, she opened her physical classroom and zoom after hours for tutoring time over and beyond. She continues to try new and exciting ways to engage her students who are predominantly freshman high schoolers. Virtual learning has been a challenge for all teachers, but Ms. Muskin has never let it stop her from trying to reach the unique needs of our campus' students."

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