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Science Program

Our science program is designed to send every student to college
prepared for the most advanced laboratory work. Students have the
opportunity to focus on life or physical sciences at the highest level.

As freshmen, all students take Honors Biology or AP Biology. Sophomore
year, all students take AP Physics 1 and Honors Chemistry. For most
students, this goes along with their second intensive year of math and
their first year of calculus. This sophomore year is the critical year in our
program: physics and chemistry are the universal foundation for
everything in STEM.

After sophomore year, students begin to specialize. Most students take
our Superclass sequence: they are concurrently enrolled in AP Physics C
Mechanics and AP Chemistry, along with a full-length separate laboratory
class. We also offer AP Physics C (Electricity and Magnetism) and AP
Physics 2: students can complete up to four years of Physics.

Students interested in a life-science focus take AP Biology, AP Environmental Science, and Anatomy and Physiology.