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Career and Technology (CATE) Program

All STEM fields, from research science to engineering to pure math
involve computer programming. As freshmen, all students take
Introduction to Engineering Design, a course designed to develop an
engineering mindset. The course will introduce to students to the
engineering design process applying math, science, and engineering
standards to identify and design solutions to a variety of real problems.

Sophomore year, students take AP Computer Science Principles an
introductory college-level computing course. Students learn to design
and evaluate solutions and to apply computer science to solve problems
through the development of algorithms and programs.

Junior year, students will take AP Computer Science A. In this course
students will get familiar with concepts and tools of computer science
while learning a subset of the Java programming language. Students do
hands-on work to design, write, and test computer programs that solve
problems or accomplish tasks.

During their senior year, students can opt to take Robotics or a Data
Structures class.