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Humanities Program

At SEM, we have developed a history and English program designed to
introduce STEM-oriented students to the richness of the written word,
and the complexity of history while honing the communication skills they
need to thrive in technical fields.

Freshman year, our students take both English 1 and English 2 in a
continuous block with a single teacher. This allows us to establish a
strong foundation in basic writing skills and introduce all students to
rigorous analysis of texts. During this year, students take both of the
STAAR English end-of-course exams. They also all take AP Human
Geography. This course teaches students the political, social, and
physical landscape of the contemporary world. It also serves as an
introduction to AP-level thinking, reading, and writing.

Sophomores take AP World History and AP Seminar. AP Seminar is the
first of two courses in the AP Capstone program. Here, students learn
the foundations of academic literacy: they study academic texts and
produce college-level academic papers.

Juniors take AP English Language, an AP English course designed to
introduce the fundamentals of rhetoric and argumentation. This test
closely resembles the Reading and Writing portion of the SAT, and SAT
prep is integrated into the course. Juniors also take AP US History.

Seniors take AP Literature, AP Government and Politics, and AP
Macroeconomics. In AP Literature, students receive directed ACT prep
and help writing college essays.

Seniors will also have the option to take AP Research, the second AP
Capstone course. This interdisciplinary capstone course is supervised by
instructors in the relevant department.