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FAQ - Math and Science Classes

How are math placements determined?
Students are placed in math classes using the score on the math
assessment during applicant testing.

Can math placements be changed?
We ask that students stick with their math track for at least two
weeks. After that, if a student or the teacher feels like they were
incorrectly placed, it can be discussed, and changes can be made
if necessary.

When will we find out which math class we were placed in?
Students will find out math tracks when they receive their
schedules the first day of school. The math department is often
finalizing placements up until final schedules are printed.

If a student took Geometry in middle school, will they need to retake
it? What will they take instead?
Incoming 9th graders that have taken Geometry in middle school
will not need to retake the class. They will have an extra elective
in their schedules.

If a student took Algebra II in middle school, will they need to retake it?
What will they take instead?
Incoming 9th graders that have taken Algebra II will be handled on
a case by case basis. Depending on math scores from the
student’s application, summer assignments, and initial math
assessment, a student might need to retake Algebra II.

What happens if a student has already taken Honors Biology?
Incoming 9th graders that have taken Honors Biology will be
placed in AP Biology. They will not retake Honors Biology.

Will buses be provided for students that live out of district part of the
Dallas ISD does not provide transportation for out-of-district
students. Parents/guardians are responsible for their child’s
transportation to and from school.

What extracurriculars activities are offered at SEM?
All students are strongly encouraged to be involved in at least one
extracurricular activity. Both SEM and Townview offer several
extracurricular activities each year. In the past SEM has offered
extracurricular activities such as Academic Decathlon, ACE
Mentoring, ASPIRE, Binary Heart, Debate, Entrepreneurship Club,
Environmental Club, External Involvement Club, Guitar Club, Ping
Pong Club, Robotics, Student Council, TAME/SHPE/NSBE, and
various UIL Academics to name a few. Townview-wide
extracurricular activities include groups such as Anime Club, Chess
Club, Fiber Arts Club, Film Club, Girl Up!, LULAC, Photography
Club, and Townview Ambassadors. In addition, Townview also
offers several options for band, choir, and orchestra.
Students will have the opportunity to sign up for extracurriculars
when the new school year gets started. SEM extracurriculars will
offer sign ups and information during the first or second week of
September at our Extracurricular Activity Fair.

SEM Activity Club List