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Dear Parents,

We are writing to share exciting news – we will be making our school a phone-free space to improve teaching and learning! We will be using a system called Yondr to achieve this goal. Yondr has been used across the world in over 1,000 schools, as well as at concerts, comedy shows, businesses, camps, weddings and special events of all kinds. The goal of these spaces is to encourage people to engage with each other and their surroundings.

We believe that cell phones have great utility. We have also found that learning and social behavior improve drastically when students are fully engaged with their teachers and classmates.

The Yondr Program employs a simple, lockable pouch that stores a cell phone. Every student will keep their phone in a personally assigned Yondr pouch when they arrive at school. Students will maintain possession of their phones and will not use them until their pouches are opened at the end of the school day. Students are required to bring their Yondr pouch to and from school each day and are responsible for their pouch at all times.

We are encouraged by the effects of this system on learning institutions. Yondr surveyed over 900 school partners to measure the effects of creating phone-free educational environments. These schools achieved notable progress in multiple areas:

  • 65% of schools saw an improvement in academic performance
  • 74% of schools saw an improvement in student behavior
  • 83% of schools saw an improvement in student engagement in the classroom

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the school directly.

If there is an emergency and you would like to get in contact with your child, please reach out to the Main Office at 972-502-5700.

In an effort to best serve your child, we appreciate your full support in the adoption of the Yondr Program at our school.

Thank you,

Candice Ruiz 



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