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Recently Amended Regulation - February 11, 2020

On February 11, 2020 the Superintendent of Schools’ Designee approved amendment of the following regulation:



DH (REGULATION) was brought forward by the Administration to align with current practice and protocol.  Below are the details of the changes:


Page 1: Under section Workplace Bullying, in the second paragraph, “as outlined in human resources standard industry practice resources including but not limited to the Texas Documentation Handbook and the Society for Human Resource Management” has been inserted after “termination.”


Page 1: Under section Employee’s Duty to Report Alleged Misconduct, item 4 Legal Services and item 8 Internal Audit have been deleted which resulted in the remaining items to be renumbered. New language regarding resources working in collaboration with Legal Services has been added.


Pages 1-2: Under section Investigative Duties, item 1, Legal Services, has been deleted which resulted in items 2 and 3 to be renumbered. Item 4, Office of Internal Audit, has been deleted.


Pages 2-3: Under section Appropriate Attire, “leggings” has been added to the last bullet to read “spandex/form fitting/leggings.”


Page 7: Under section Adoption or Last Amended Date, “amended” has been deleted and replaced with “amendment,” and the date has been deleted.



The above item has been sent to the Texas Association of School Boards (TASB) for inclusion to the District’s “Policy On Line Manual.” Documents generally will post within a few weeks of adoption.