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Recently Amended Regulation - March 20, 2020

On March 20, 2020 the Superintendent of Schools’ Designee approved amendment of the following regulation:

DEC (REGULATION) COMPENSATION AND BENEFITS – LEAVES AND ABSENCES was brought forward by the Administration to address a national emergency and to align with current practice and protocol.  Below are the detail of the changes:

Page 6: A new section Extended Emergency Leave and associated language has been added.

Page 10: Under section Emergency District Closures, language giving authority to the Superintendent of Schools to dismiss school for a part of a day or for longer periods of time, if necessary, in case of unusual or emergency situations, including a reference to CKC(LOCAL), has been added.

Page 11: Under section Emergency District Closures, in the second sentence of the third paragraph, “employees,” “flex time,” and “on their employment status” has been struck, and the language has been revised to read: “Non-exempt essential personnel will receive overtime rates or compensatory time based upon supervisor approval for time worked.”

Page 11: Under section Adoption or Last Amendment Date, the date has been deleted new adoption date, March 20, 2020 will appear in the final modified version that will appear on the District’s Policy On Line Manual.

The above item has been sent to the Texas Association of School Boards (TASB) for inclusion to the District’s “Policy On Line Manual.” Documents generally will post within a few weeks of adoption.