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Recently Amended CL Local - November 18, 2021

On November 18, 2021, the Board of Trustees approved revisions to the following:


The Administration brought forward changes to CL (LOCAL).  Below are the details of the changes:

Renewable Sourced Electricity (Page 1) – To support an integrated design approach in all future electricity contracts, the District will include 100% renewable sources.

TX-CHPS AND LEED (Page 1) - In addition to meeting or exceeding TX-CHPS standards, all new schools built or remodeled moving forward should also aim to meet LEED Silver certified standard or above as well as be net zero ready where applicable.  LEED is the leading, third-party green building certification program in the United States and complements the TX-CHPS standard.

HVAC MAINTENANCE (Page 2) - Each facility shall establish and maintain regular schedules for the replacement of HVAC filters in accordance with manufacturer requirements.   This will ensure that optimal energy efficiency and removal of harmful bacteria and pollutants is maintained.

Management Oversight (Page 2) – The District shall appoint a person to determine baseline energy and water usage for all schools and facilities and identify ways to reduce energy consumption.  Usage for each school and facility will be shared monthly.

The Superintendent of Schools or designee shall report quarterly to the Board on the status of school and facility high performance criteria including energy and water use intensity.  

Please visit for Board adopted local policies.

The above items have been sent to the Texas Association of School Boards (TASB) for inclusion to the District’s “Policy On Line Manual.” Documents generally will post within a few weeks of adoption.