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Dress Code



                     Jimmie Tyler Brashear Elementary School


2017-2018  Dress Code


School uniforms are an important part of maintaining a learning environment free from distractions. Scholars who come to school inappropriately dressed will not be permitted to attend any classes until they are in proper uniform. All members of the Jimmie Tyler Brashear staff are responsible for enforcing the dress code policy. Campus administration has the final decision in determining when attire is unacceptable.



The Uniform Dress Code at Brashear is a positive factor which contributes to school discipline and safety. Furthermore, uniforms foster a spirit of teamwork in our school community. We urge Brashear parents to fully support all policies in regards to the school uniform. The purpose of the Brashear School Uniform Dress Code is to establish a safe environment where outsiders are easily recognized and self-control and obedience to rules is established.


Shirt colors: White or Navy Blue

Bottom colors: Navy Blue, Black or Khaki


In compliance with Local DISD policy, all scholars must follow the uniform dress code.


·         Scholars are required to wear solid khaki, navy blue, or black bottoms. If the bottoms have a belt loop, a belt should be worn.

·         Scholars are required to wear a solid white or solid navy blue collared shirt.

·         While inside the building, scholars may wear light jackets, cardigans, and sweaters that are a solid uniform color (white, black or navy). Emblems must be smaller than 1 inch and scholar are not allowed to wear their hoods while in the building.

·         Scholars may wear a long or short sleeved undershirt underneath their collared shirt, but it should be the same solid color as the collared shirt on top.

·         Girls who wear skirts and dresses may wear solid white or navy blue tights under their bottoms.

·         Male scholars may not wear earrings. 

·         Female scholars may not wear shorts, skirts, or dresses that are shorter than FINGERTIP length.

·         Scholars move about regularly during the day, at times sit on the carpet, and participate in PE and recess twice weekly. Please keep this in mind when dressing your child so that he/she is comfortable doing these various activities. 

·         We strongly recommend girls wear privacy shorts underneath their skirts or jumpers. Shorts should be a solid color.

·         Scholars should wear athletic shoes, loafers, dress shoes, or other closed-toe/closed-heel shoes. Shoes with heels and open-toed shoes are not appropriate for school and should not be worn.


Please contact the counselor’s office, if you need assistance with uniforms.


If scholars or parents have any questions about a particular article of clothing they should forward those questions to the Campus Principal.


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