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We've used up our extra Chromebooks.

We've used up all the extra Chromebooks & chargers.

I will have less than 10 Chromebooks & chargers that I'll be able to lend on a 1st come, 1st serve basis (no guarantees that a device will be available).
IF I am able to lend a device to your student, I will place an order for the district to send a replacement Chromebook to our campus for them, I've heard this takes about a week.
IF I don't have a device to lend, you will have to go to 9400 Central Expressway (on the northbound side) to the 8th floor to either get the Chromebook/charger repaired or replaced.
There is a really good chance I will no longer be able to lend Chromebooks to students that forget their devices at home for the day. Please be diligent about helping your student bring their Chromebook, charger, and headphones to campus every day.
Amy Garnica