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Our Anne Frank Garden is an Official Monarch Waystation! (Click for More Info)

   The certification was obtained from, part of the Entomology Program at the University of Kansas.  It means that we are providing the proper flowering nectar plants to feed the adult Monarch butterflies, the milkweed plants for their caterpillars, water, and shelter to help them with their long migration. 

   Monarch butterflies, like bees and some other insects, are pollinators, important to our crops.  Texas is especially important since it's along the migration route between Canada and Mexico. The number of Monarch butterflies has drastically decreased in the last 10 years, and part of that is due to the loss of native milkweed plants.  Adding these way stations is something that can be done by organizations and individuals to help stop their decline.        

 Come out to the garden and look for these beautiful butterflies!


Students from Ms. Turck's science class release new residents into the butterfly garden.  Students were able to observe the butterflies' life cycle in the classroom throughout their metamorphosis!


Thank you to our Master Gardner, Ms. Sheila Spotswood, and all of the other wonderful students, teachers, volunteers, and contributors who have created this wonderful habitat in our garden!