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Your child's STAAR performance!

Visit to learn more about your child's STAAR performance and how you can provide additional support at home.

staar scores

Visite para aprender más sobre el desempeño de su hijo en la pruba STAAR y cómo puede proporcionar apoyo adicional en el hogar.


STAAR scores online:

 #1. Go to

#2. Click on “Find My Access Code“

#3. Enter your child’s first name

#3. Enter your child’s Social Security Number (PEIMS ID)

#3. Enter your child’s Date Of Birth

#4. Click "Go"

#5. See Message “Access Code Look Up Successful”

#6. Below this message, see your Unique Student Access Code. Write it down or Highlight & Right-Click & Copy it.

#7. Exit this Tab to return to the original website home page (

#8. Enter or Right-Click & Paste the Unique Student Access Code

#9. Enter your child’s Date Of Birth

#10. Click on "Log In to Student Portal" 

#11. Click on "Download Report Card" to see explanations of Masters Grade Level, Meets Grade Level, Approaches Grade Level, and Did Not Meet Grade Level and comparison to district and state.