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Pre-K Enrollment Begins!



PreK Registration:

  • Begins Wednesday, April 1st
  • Will be handled centrally by the Early Learning Department
  • Will be done 100% online/virtually
  • ALL parents wanting to register for PreK should be directed to or the PreK Enrollment Hotline @ 214-932-7735


I know that parents are eager for information about PreK registration.  The best thing you can do to help, is to direct the family to or the PreK Enrollment Hotline @ 214-932-7735.  As you are aware, in an effort to slow the spread of COVID-19 in our community, our schools are currently closed.  This means parents will not submit physical documents, but will be required to upload their registration documents.  If/when parents call you to ask about registration, mention the document upload requirement so that parents understand they will not submit physical documents to anyone, but will upload them as part of their online application. Below is more information about the document upload.


    1. Student's birth certificate
    2. Parent/guardian photo ID
  1. Required to DETERMINE ELIGIBILITY for free PreK (parent must upload at least one of the documents listed below, but may upload as many as apply):
    1. Proof of income
    2. SNAP, TANF or Medicaid benefits letter
    3. Documentation for foster care
    4. Documentation of military service
    5. Documentation of Star of Texas Award
  1. Required BEFORE SCHOOL starts
    1. Proof of address
    2. Immunization records
  1. Optional
    1. Student's social security card