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TMSCA Competition

TMSCA (Texas Math and Science Coaches Association) is an organization formed by Texas math and science teachers to promote excellence in math and science through competition.

Thanks to our amazing coaches, Esperanza "Hope" Medrano ES students were able to secure the following awards:

Mental Math (Number sense):

  • 3rd Grade: Andrea A. 5th
  • 4th Grade: Alonso G 1st place, Paola M 7th
  • 5th Grade: April O 2nd place, Jesus H 7th


  • 3rd Grade: Sophia R 1st place.
  • 4th Grade: Yazmin M 2nd place.
  • 5th Grade: Emanuel B 1st place, April O 3rd place, Carmen C 5th place.


  • 3rd Grade: Andrea A 1st place, Sophia R 3rd
  • 4th Grade: Estephania G 5th place, Erika A 6th place, Alonso G 9th
  • 5th Grade: Ruby F 1st place, April O 3rd place, Carmen C, Jesus H and Sherlin O tied at 7th


  • 3rd Grade: Andrea A and Sophia R tied at 3rd
  • 4th Grade: Erick Paredes 1st place, Alonso G 7th place, Paola M 10th
  • 5th Grade: April O 2nd place, Freddy R 7th


TMSCA 18-19 1


TMSCA 18-19 2


TMSCA 18-19 3


TMSCA 18-19 4