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NEW Uniform Schedule

 2018-2019 Uniform Schedule


MONDAY & THURSDAY - Complete formal uniform additions

TUESDAY & WEDNESDAY - Turner school uniform (white OR gold tops with khaki or navy bottoms) plus optional formal additions (cardigans, vests, blazers, etc.)

FRIDAY - Spirit and/or College shirt with uniform bottoms


Formal Additions:


                                              PK - 2nd Grade                                                        3rd Grade      

                                              Cardigan or vest                                                     Cardigan or vest

                                             Peter Pan blue tops                                                 White Oxford tops

                                             Navy, khaki or grey bottoms                                    Navy, khaki or grey bottoms

                                                OR plaid (for girls)                                                  OR plaid (for girls)

                                              Black, blue or white socks                                       Black, blue or white socks

                                              Black closed-toed shoes                                          Black closed-toed shoes

                                              Cross ties (girls)                                                     Cross ties (girls)

                                              Plaid/navy ties (boys)                                             Plaid/navy ties (boys)


4th - 5th Grade


                                             White Oxford tops

                                             Navy, khaki or grey bottoms

                                                OR plaid (for girls)                                 

                                             Black, blue or white socks

                                             Black closed-toed shoes

                                             Plaid/navy ties (girls and boys)


PLEASE NOTE:  Uniforms will be worn daily.  Please adhere to the schedule.