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Teacher of the Year 2018- 2019


Teacher of Year

Daphne Cyriaque

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She is a Teacher, what's your Super Power?

Boom I am a Teacher what is your super power  Pow!

Mrs. Cyriaque is a native of Louisiana but loves calling Texas home!  She obtained her Bachelor' s degree  in Elementary Education from Southern University in Baton Rouge, La. and her graduate degree in Education Administration from Concordia University. Mrs. Cyriaque is married and has three children. She has a real passion for teaching and has been with DISD for her entire teaching career.

Mrs. Cyriaque loves teaching PreK and absolutely enjoys seeing her students' smiling faces as they learn and explore in the classroom.



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Winter in PreK What superpower do you have?

My Superpower would be?                                  Reading is my super power Science is my super power  Math is my super power   

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