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Transportation Safety

Bus Safety
While the school bus remains one of the safest ways for your child to get to school, it can pose safety problems of its own because of its size and the amount of children it is carrying. Our main objective is to make sure your children make it safely to school and home.  We are asking parents to take the time to review the following Safety Tips with their children:

Ø Once children get onto the bus, it is important that they find a seat and sit down immediately, because the bus driver cannot drive while children are standing.


Ø While riding, children should always stay seated and keep their voices down. Yelling or shrieking could startle a driver, resulting in swerving or erratic driving.


Ø If a child has a problem with another student while on the bus, he/she should wait until the school bus has stopped at its destination before reporting it to the bus driver or another adult.


Ø Advise your children to be on their best behavior while on the bus; because of the limited adult supervision, it can be tempting to misbehave.  However, movement, yelling and general misbehavior on the school bus can pose a risk to everyone.

Ø  Children who continue to pose safety concerns,including bullying and throwing objects, could lose bus privileges.  Loss of bus privileges would require the parent to drop-off and pick-up their children from school.
Car Riders

All Students transported to and from school in cars must enter and exit the campus in the school's designated circular drive. Supervision is provided to ensure student safety, but we need parents’ assistance.  Please follow these guidelines:

Ø Form a single lane close to the curb

Ø Advance forward whenever possible
       Ø The circular drive is a one-way lane

      Ø Do NOT pull out or pass cars unless directed to do so

      Ø Display student's car rider identification card on your dashboard

      Ø Do NOT make U-Turns in the circular drive or on the access streets

      Ø Do NOT block the circular drive or fire hydrant

      Ø Do NOT move or run over our Safety Cones


              Ø Parking is restricted in the Cafeteria, Dock, & Teacher Parking Lots




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Amy Zbylut