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Finalist for Principal of the Year

Lourdes Garduño has served as principal at Winnetka Elementary School the past 10 years. In her application, she describes what it means to her to be a servant leader.

“The leader doesn’t wear a title as a way to show who’s in charge, doesn’t think she/he’s better than everyone else, and acts in a way to care for others,” Garduño writes. “She/ he may, in fact, pick up the trash after a carnival or help clean up cafeteria tables, help the Robotics team carry boxes to the bus, open the building at 6 a.m. for the team to pick up their materials, mop when there is a spill, help a teacher set up bulletin boards, and even cook the turkey for the staff’s yearly pot luck. Setting an example of service, the servant leader understands that it is not about the leader, but about others.”