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Competitive Robotics is an opportunity driver for students at Winnetka Elementary

For Winnetka Elementary Principal Dr. Lourdes Garduno, the extracurricular activity Competitive Robotics is an equalizer that provides powerful STEM-oriented experiences and opportunities to all students across the district, regardless of their zip code or family’s socioeconomic income.


Robotic Team working

Since Winnetka adopted the robotics program in 2016, the school has assembled two nationally acclaimed teams: the original boys-and-girls 224X and the all-girls 224G, which was developed in 2019 after 224X had too many devoted members. Together, both teams have won awards at every state competition, earned two prizes at national championships and shone on the international stage four times by placing as finalists or being awarded special recognition at the VEX Robotics World Competition.

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