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Attendance Letter from the Principal

Attendance Letter

Dear Franklin Family,

Following a week of vacation, we have hit the ground running this week! Teachers are posting creative lessons and assignments; students are going online and responding well to these activities; and the initial rush of activity is slowly becoming routine as we adapt to this new way of teaching and learning. We sincerely appreciate your partnership in this new way of educating of your children!

While there have been many positive comments and compliments from parents about this online learning process, we have also heard some questions and some suggestions for improvement. One of the most frequent questions received regards the amount of time students should be spending online for these classes. Many of you have multiple students online, or students are using the laptops and computers you require for work from home, or that long stretches of time online is eating up your allotted monthly bandwidth. We hear you!

Our district requires students to “attend” online classes every day, and when students are marked absent this hurt the funding we receive from the State of Texas. However, students do NOT need to be online the entire school day. So that teachers can mark them “present,” students should check-in each day, receive their lessons and/or assignments, and then go offline to complete their assignment. Unless a teacher has specifically posted that an online lesson/discussion will be at a specific time, time management of these lessons and activities will be the responsibility of the student. Once an assignment is completed, they can log back into their Google Classrooms and submit their assignments.

I hope this clarifies the online learning expectations for online attendance. We welcome other questions and suggestions, so please reach out to me with your questions and concerns.


Roger Ceballos Principal Benjamin Franklin International Exploratory Academy