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In 2015, a Dallas Bond Election was voted for and agreed upon for the Dallas Independent School District, giving 1.6 billion dollars for its schools. The proceeds from the bond are for the construction of up to nine new schools, almost 300 new classrooms for current schools in the district, implementation of new educational programs, as well as facility improvements for all the schools. Thomas Jefferson High School is one of the schools impacted by this vote. Thomas Jefferson will receive renovations totaling over $21 million. The plans for TJ include building and room renovations, maintenance renovations, improvements to the class rooms, and new windows for the building exterior.

Specifically, the plans include 16 new classrooms, plumbing and technology improvements, total renovations for the locker rooms, changes to the cafeteria serving lines, more updated science labs, a brand new building addition, and interior improvements. The new addition will be built by the band hall, connecting to the library. There are also plans for changes to the auditorium, such as improving lighting and sound quality to the stage, plus the addition of a control room. The existing attendance and main office will be converted into new fine arts rooms. A new main office and entryway will be added in front of the library. Most or all of the portables will be removed once the new classrooms are completed.

The work will begin taking place this summer, and all construction should be completed by the beginning of 2020. Future Patriots will be the ones who will get to fully experience the change. Not only will this impact the students of Thomas Jefferson, but the community as well. The changes at TJ will show the community the effort the school district brings to improving the experience of their students. It will shine a positive light of care on those who attend.

Bryan Jaramillo and Aaron Gaona