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ReadyToWork® Training

Ready to Work


Powered Industrial Truck Certification Training

The Academy of Engineering and the Academy of Hospitality and Tourism participated in the Powered Industrial Truck Certification Training through ReadyToWork®.  20 Students participated in a 3-day training that afforded them 2 Industry Certification.  They received an OSHA Workplace Safety Credential and the Powered Industrial Truck Certification Credentials.  These credentials afford them an opportunity to be a viable candidate for an entry level position earning between $13-$16 an hour.  

The students enjoyed this session and learned through a hands-on Practicum.  

“I like the feeling of the environment.  Mr. Hider’s trainings are an experience you wouldn’t get anywhere else.” -Osvaldo Ramirez (an Academy of Hospitality and Tourism student).

"There will never be another chance I get to experience what I did those three days. It’s better to learn something new then nothing at all.  This could open new doors for the future." -Júnior Estrada (an Academy of Engineering student)

“I feel strongly confident that I can drive a Forklift now. It’s an interesting opportunity for a high school student to learn how to drive a forklift and be certified in 3 days.  That’s crazy.  Yes, I will most definitely use this certification to find a job.  I want to experience everything just in case my plans fall through.  I hope to apply this certification to a position with World Vision in Grand Prairie.” -Taylor Culp (an Academy of Hospitality and Tourism student)

“Since I am a hands-on learner, I liked the way the information was presented and how we actually practiced on a fork-lift.  I work with my dad on the weekends and will be able to use my certification.” – Fidel Mora an Academy of Engineering student)


Ready to Work


Students Osvaldo Ramirez, Tracey Giardina (JF Kimball teacher), Taylor Culp, Cherrie Darthard (Ready to Work®), Samantha Medina and Junior Estrada