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District Academic UIL Results!

2018 UIL Academics Spring Meet

Conference 6A District 9


 **Regional Qualifier

++Regional Alternate

Accounting: Dominic Cischke (5th)

Calculator Applications: Peter Amenewolde, (6th place

Current Issues: **Zeff Worley (1st), Minakshi Swaminathan (4th), Aiden Ross (5th), Max Chow-Gillette (6th)

Computer Science: **Avi Verma (1st), **Justin Wise (3rd), Hayden Allen (5th)

Editorial Writing: Alexander Reyes (6th)

Feature Writing: **Hayley Valdez (3rd), ++Alexander Reyes (4th), Jocelyn Segoviano (5th)

Headline Writing: **Dominic Cischke (2nd), ++Joseph Martin (4th), Emmanuel Mendoza (5th)

Informative Speaking: **Zoe Osborn (3rd), Guadalupe Martinez (6th)

Lincoln Douglas Debate: **Avery Lambert (1st), **Hector Hernandez (2nd), Christian Mendoza (5th)

Literary Criticism: **Chloe Feller (1st), **Jocelyn Segoviano (3rd),

Mathematics: Richard Gao (5th), Ettesaf Yahia (6th)

Number Sense: Richard Gao (5th), Peter Amenewolde (6th)

News Writing: ++Hayley Valdez (4th), Alexander Reyes (6th)

Persuasive Speaking: **Dalia Lopez (1st), **Christine Camarillo (2nd)

Poetry Interpretation: ++Chloe Feller (4th), Tori Watson (5th)

Prose Interpretation: **Mark Flores (3rd), ++Trinity Walker (4th)

Social Studies: **Angel Rosales (1st), Sophie Hooper (6th)

Spelling and Vocabulary: **Lorelai Pop (3rd), Dylan Garcia (5th), Sid Seenivasa (6th)


Team Competition

++Calculator Applications (2nd)

**Current Issues (1st)

**Computer Science (1st)

Journalism (2nd)

**Literary Criticism **1 10 School for Talented & Gifted**

++Mathematics (2nd)

++Number Sense (2nd)

++Social Studies (2nd)

Speech (2nd)

++Spelling and Vocabulary (2nd)


Full results at the UIL SITE