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Construction Updates (02/15/2017)

WTW Construction Updates 

Update 02/15/2017
 Construction Updates:
  •  Nurses Office – 1st Floor – existing window was to be closed up and filled in with CMU (due to it looks out to a wall in the new expansion).
          - WRA is on solution to resolve the differences in the existing wall, the CMU wall and the existing window ledge.
          - Wall repairs and paint will be priced and presented to Construction Services.
  •  Replacement Window Trim – All Floors
          - CZOT-MGS, LLC are working to finalize trim for replacement windows.  CZI and WRA are working together to finalize trim.
          - Installation will be an ongoing process until the end of construction in July.
  •  Addition – Various Electrical Drops
          1. Please provide a count on the number of electrical drops for each type of devise, (i.e. electrical outlet, quadraplex outlet, data outlet, phone outlet, printer outlet, etc.)
          - Per the Construction Documents:
            A. Each Classroom has the following drops for Technology:
                  - Data outlet drops – 4
                  - Clock Location – 1
                  - Motion Sensor in the Center of the room - 1
            B. Each Classroom has the following Electrical Outlets in them:
                  - Duplex outlets – 9
                  - Quadraplex outlets – 9
                  - Fire alarm Strobe – 1
            C. Each Science Lab has the following drops for Technology:
                  - Data outlets drops – 19
                  - Clock location – 1
                  - Motion sensor in the room - 1
            D. Each Science Lab has the following electrical outlets in them:
                  - Duplex outlets – 5
                  - GFI Duplex outlets – 25
                  - Quadraplex outlets – 3
                  - GFI Quadraplex outlets – 3
                  - Disconnect switch under desk – 1
  •  Library
          - The Library and Computer Labs schedule to start on June 5 and be completed by July 25, 2017.
  •  Recommendations to replace Kalwall was presented to WRA and Dallas ISD Construction Services. Replacements will occur in classrooms on the north side of the building. Recommendation from WRA was a 50/50 split.
AND, WT White has been moved from Phase 5 to Phase 2! Check out the information in the HUB!
Update 12/05/2016
Roof Replacement: 
Expected Completion:  December 2016

Status Update:
  • New contractor is conducting an evaluation of existing work to determine current needs, concerns, and quality of work completed.
  • Evaluation of existing work should be completed by early December and will guide scope of work to completion.
Frequently Asked Questions:
Are all buildings getting a new roof?
 No.  Approximately 60% of the roof is being replaced in the current project.
Someone mentioned an issue with “thru wall flashing” at the Trustee Community Meeting – can you explain further?
 Thru-wall flashing is a method of diverting any water infiltration inside the existing brick rise wall cavities onto the roof. Because it was discovered that the construction of the existing brick rise walls does not allow the installation of thru-wall flashing, roof areas with this condition will be addressed in a later project.
When will the roof be completed?
Fall 2016
How will the campus be impacted during the roofing project?, how can we be assured the students and staff are safe?
First and foremost, the students and staff will remain safe – that’s our priority.  Since the complete roof is not being addressed in this project, there could be some ongoing leaks until the complete re-roof has been finalized in the next project.
There have been reports of leaks in building areas currently being re-roofed in this project – is that normal?
While unfortunate and in spite of efforts to control, it is not abnormal to experience some leaks during a re-roof in progress, especially with the unusual amount of rain experienced and existing project conditions.
What Steps are being taken to ensure a quality finished product?
The Architect, their roof consultant and a third-party roof consultant employed by the District inspect the work and provide reports of any deficiencies throughout the installation.  Any and all deficiencies have to be addressed and corrected before the contractor can complete the project. Additionally, the roof manufacturer that is responsible for the warranty has to accept the quality of the installation before the warranty is issued and the contractor can complete the project.
Financial Bridge Plan
East Wing Addition: 
Scope of Work:  June 6, 2016 - July 2017
  • June 6th - November 2016:         Building foundation and structure COMPLETED
  • September - November 2016:     Installation of connections to existing building: Water main, electrical lines, data lines 
  • October 2016 - February 2017:  Completion of building shell
  • December 2016 - June 2017:      Completion of interior
Front Entrance Renovation: 
Expanded parking entrance and bus lanes:   Concrete, stripping of lot, signage installation COMPLETED      
Landscaping and lighting will be complete December 2016 
Exterior Window Replacement:      
Completed:   Replacement of south side gymnasium windows & girl's locker room; Band Hall
September 2016 - December 2016:    North side main building windows will be replaced 
October 2016 - December 2016:        East side (Welch) main building 1st floor will be replaced 
January 2017 - May 2017:                  Selected groups of office and/or classroom windows in sets of 2-3 rooms
June 2017 - August 2017:                   Replacement of all remaining windows in the Main Building 
Walkway from Student Lot & Covered Waiting Area:  COMPLETED