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Dress Code

W.T. White High School Dress Code

  • Why does W.T. White have a dress code?
    • Creates an academic environment while allowing our students freedom through their clothing   
    • Promotes a more serious atmosphere that emphasizes academics and promotes good behavior
    • As opposed to uniforms, our dress code still allows students to wear appropriate attire with their sense of choice and expression 
  • ID badges must be worn and visible at all times


  • All students should wear clean clothing that is not torn or damaged in any way


  • What is not allowed:
    • Shorts, dresses, or skirts that are shorter than 2-inches above the knee when student is standing straight and upright
    • Jeans with cutout holes: small holes, big holes, rips are not allowed unless worn with leggings underneath (skin cannot be showing)
    • Leggings, bike pants, yoga pants, sweatpants, pajamas, bedtime attire
    • Basketball shorts, gym shorts, sweatpants shorts
    • Shirts that show off midriffs, low-cut shirts/blouses, halter tops, spaghetti straps, tank tops
    • Gang-identifying clothing, jewelry or similar artifacts
    • Clothing or jewelry may not cause disruptions to the school environment, are vulgar/obscene, or contain profanity, tobacco, alcohol, drug or sexual references or that promote hate/violence
    • Hooded jackets and hoodies may be worn without the hood covering the head
    • Hats, head coverings, bandanas, sweatbands, skull caps, hair rollers, hair curlers, plastic hair bags, hair nets,
    • Flip flops, slides, athletic flip flops, house shoes, slippers
    • Steel-toed boots or steel-toed shoes
    • Attire that may be considered a weapon, such as chain belts, wallet chains or other similar attire


  • If you are in violation of the dress code and unable to change, a referral will be issued


  • Parents and student are responsible for ensuring that the student is in compliance with all aspects of the dress code policy