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WE ARE HER!! Domestic Abuse Flyer

We envision a world where all women regardless of age feel uplifted, supported, and encouraged to accept that they are fearfully and wonderfully made; they can overcome whatever obstacles life might throw their way, and be whomever they aspire to be. They too can be HER.


We aRe HER encourages girls, domestic abuse survivors, and mothers who need support to love themselves first. We help build character and leadership skills that create thinkers that know how to engage in conflict resolution and peer mediation, while building confidence and self-esteem. We aRe HER accomplishes this through three programs.


  • Queens in Training:
    • We aRe HERencourages girls to love themselves first.  We help build character and leadership skills that create thinkers that know how to engage in conflict resolution and peer mediation, while building confidence and self-esteem.
    • We believe the mind and body must be in synch, so we encourage regular physical activity, nutritional and healthy eating, stress management, and understanding positive body image. We aRe HER has a targeted effort that addresses the young ladies' mental and physical issues in a comprehensive and interactive way.
    • Our economic literacy introduces the young ladies to basic economic, and financial concepts, including money management, investments, and global economics. 


  • Through it All Ministries
    • Our outreach services that help ladies who are trying to leave or have left a Domestic Violence encounter, by providing immediate shelter, food and clothing. Collaborating with other non-profits to assist in aiding the ladies and their children. Advocating, teaching and speaking on Domestic Violence, to educate women on the early signs and how to protect themselves.
    • Feminine Hygiene Drive, allowing us to provide toiletries and female essentials for low income and underserved communities.
    • Toys for tots- Collecting toys for ages 1-10 and phone accessories, socks, perfume or electronic items for ages 11-17 for families in need.
    • Pamper Me for a Day initiative provides facials, massages and manicures for ladies who have hit a rough patch and need a little tender Love and Care and an opportunity to relax.


  • Why me? Is a part of our outreach for mothers Dealing and Coping with the loss of a child.
    • So many women silently deal with the grief of losing a child. Many never seek counseling, and therefore the anger, denial, guilt, isolation and depression, slips in. We are a listening ear, a sounding board and a place of healing.
    • Programs focused on this group are
  1. Accepting the loss- First step in acknowledging they are no longer here
  2. Adapting Without – Dealing with the fact you must continue in life
  3. Honoring our Angels- Finding ways to cherish our beloved ones
  4. Mending- Coping with the pain of it all, and learning how to channel the emotional rollercoaster thoughts




We at We aRe HER know that sometimes a queen’s crown simply needs adjusting. And we are here to do just that. If you would like to Volunteer, Sponsor or Donate to We aRe HER, here are a few opportunities.




Or by visiting our website at

Checks can be mailed to 445 E. FM1382 3-914, Cedar Hill, TX 75104