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Tickets for JV Football game vs Adamson

Anyone wishing to purchase tickets for the JV football game this week vs. Adamson needs to go to the following website:  (*note that it is NOT .com)     In the box DO NOT TYPE IN SEAGOVILLE HIGH SCHOOL, that will only allow you to buy tickets for the Varsity game.  Instead, in the box, type in "Dallas Independent School District".  It will direct you to a list of Dallas ISD games.  For this week there will be a heading that reads "Sub Varsity Week 3 Football Games".  You can click on that and it will sell you tickets to any sub-varsity football game being played by Dallas ISD for that week.  The following week it will read "week 4, then Week 5...). That is a generic ticket that can be bought for any sub varsity game being played in Dallas for that week.