Mac's Book Club Show

Mac Barnett, Author, reads his books to children on his Instagram TV site.

Keep checking back for new books to be added!

This is a list and links to the books he has read.


book cover   How this book was made 


Book Cover   The Magic Word


Book Cover Noisy Night


Book Cover   Triangle


Book cover Square 


Book Cover  Circle 


Book Cover Places to Be


Book Cover I Love You Like a Pig


 the wolf the duck and the mouse The Wolf, The Duck, & the Mouse


Margaret Wise Brown The Important Thing About Margaret Wise Brown


Just Because Just Because


Hi Jack Hi Jack


JackBlastsoff Jack Blasts off


Jack goes west Jack Goes West


Jack at bat Jack at Bat


jack at the zoo      Jack at the Zoo

Too Many Jacks    Too Many Jacks

 Billy Twitters   Billy Twitters and His Blue Whale Problem


 Guess Again   Guess Again!

oh no     Oh No! (or How My Science Project Destroyed the World!)

But no Elephants     But No Elephants

Mustache     Mustache!

 Extra Yarn   Extra Yarn