Four Easy, Effective ACT Tips

Four Easy, Effective ACT Tips
Get familiar with what the ACT is testing.
You don't want to waste your ACT prep time learning skills that aren't tested!
The English test measures how well you can edit different passages on the fly, improving grammar and composition.
The Math test checks your problem-solving skills. Many ACT math problems are word problems, and it won't be enough to simply know how to do math operations.
The Reading test grades your reading comprehension. The higher your reading level and the better your vocabulary, the better you'll do.
The Science test gauges your science reasoning ability. It isn't measuring what science facts you've memorized; it's checking to see if you can learn new science facts quickly from charts, graphs, and passages.

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Practice your pace.
The ACT is a timed test. Time is of the essence.
It isn't just a question of whether you know how to answer a certain problem. It all comes down to whether you can answer it in a limited time frame.
In order to get through the test and still have enough time to double back, check your answers, and re-think any questions you skipped, stick to the following pacing...
English: 30 seconds per question.  
Math: 50 seconds per question.
Reading: 7 minutes per passage (including answering the passage's questions).
Science: 4 minutes and 30 seconds per passage (including answering the passage's questions).
Maintaining the recommended pace will give you 5-10 minutes to check your answers and work skipped problems.
Answer every question.
There is no penalty for guessing on the ACT. Make sure every row on your answer sheet is bubbled with your best guess before time is up. 
Give yourself time to prepare.