Dress Code

Student Dress Code

At Bryan Adams High School Leadership Academy we “Strive for Excellence”. To positively impact the image of the Bryan Adams High School Leadership Academy and to ensure a safe learning environment, students will continue to wear standardized dress (uniforms) for the 2017-2018 school year. Student uniforms will teach students the appropriate attire and appearance for various professional settings, including the school environment. Student uniforms will also ensure that our campus can easily identify our students and provide a secure learning environment. 

Bottoms: Slacks/Skirts/Pants

Only Solid Khaki or Solid Black 
●   Pleated or flat front
●   Fastened at the waist with a zipper and/or buttons
●   Oversized pants will NOT be permitted (Safety Issue)
●   Skirts must be longer than fingertips (fingertip rule: student stands up straight and puts arms to the side with the fingertips pointing down, the garment must be longer than the longest fingertip of the student)
●   No exposure of underwear (No sagging)
●   Shorts, workout/sweat pants, leggings, “jeggings” will NOT be permitted 

*Note: No oversized or decorative belt buckles or inappropriate designs on belts or labels on belts


Tops: Embroidered B.A. Polo 

Only Solid White or Solid Heather Gray 
●   Must be a collared polo shirt that is solid white or heather gray (No “see-through” material)
●   Polo must be branded with the Bryan Adams High School Leadership Academy Crest
●   Oversized or “form fitting” (tight) shirts will NOT be permitted
●   No exposure of underwear (bra) or undergarments should not be visible through the shirt, nor should shoulder strap/s ever be seen


*Note: Supporting School and College Culture

●   A University/College t-shirt style or polo-style shirt (with sleeves) may be worn every Thursday (College Day)
●   A Bryan Adams sponsored “Spirit Shirt” may be worn every Friday (Spirit Day)


Outerwear: Jackets/Sweaters/Cardigans

●   Must be worn over appropriate shirt
●   Zip, button down, or pull over
●   No logos other than a Bryan Adams or university/college logos
●   Oversized jackets will NOT be permitted (Safety Issue)
●   Outwear with hoods will NOT be permitted 


Other Attire

●   Athletic shoes
●   Loafers
●   Dress shoes
●   Other closed-toe closed heel shoes
●   No “flip-flops,” “slides,” or “house slippers”


●   Hair must be neatly groomed (No hair rollers, hair curlers, hair picks, plastic hair bags, hair nets, hair wraps or hair picks will be permitted to be worn in the building)
●   Hats/caps of any type will NOT be permitted in the building at any time
●   Sweat bands, bandanas of any type will NOT be permitted
●   No facial jewelry of any type, such as ear gauges, nose rings, eyebrow rings, tongue rings, or other imaginative facial piercings will be allowed for boys or girls
●   All tattoos must be covered by clothing or other materials during the school day and at all school events


Inappropriate Attire and Grooming Items
●   No athletic pants/shorts, sweatpants, stretch pants, spandex, or skin-tight pants of any kind will be allowed
●   No blue jeans
●   No jackets or sweatshirts with hoods
●   No attire with printed statements or pictures that are vulgar in nature, related to drugs, contain sexual content, or firearms will be allowed on school property
●   No metal belts or metal studded belts are allowed
●   No chains hanging or attached to clothing are allowed

Campus-Related Activities: Deviations or exceptions to the policy will apply only to tops, must relate to the campus sponsored activity or class (physical education, band, Belles, theater, sports, etc), and must have prior approval from the Principal.


Students will be placed in In-School-Suspension until they are in dress code, and repetitive dress code violations will be dealt with according to the Student Code of Conduct.

 Whether or not a student is dressed or groomed appropriately shall be left to the discretion of the principal or his/her designee.