Coach Holland's Interview

Coach Hollands Interview         

10-09-19                         Diana Luviano      


Coach Holland likes sports, he is a gym teacher at Ebby Halliday, he likes teaching kids about sports and he is very good at it.


Who was your worst teacher you had when you went to school? Why?                                                                      My worst teacher was probably Ms. Meshack in the 6th grade. The reason why was because she would always compare her students with her sons like she would always say, “My son can do this and all y’all can’t do this.”         



Why did you want to be a gym teacher?

Well basically I had gotten out of the army. I was looking for a job and I taught two years of 4th grade math also two years I taught self-contained 5th grade. I just wanted to do something different then I saw there was an opening in a school for a gym teacher.



When did you start playing sports? Why did you want to try it?                                                 I started playing sports really when I was like seven years old. I played soccer for a while and I started playing a little bit of basketball and football in high school.


When did you start teaching kids about sports?                                                                  I started to teach student about sports in 2001. The reason why I know was because it was the same year as 9/11.      


How long have you been teaching Ebby Halliday?                                                  

This is my 3rd year at Ebby Halliday.