• Student Vaccine Incentive

  • With the safety and well-being of staff and students in mind, Dallas ISD is extending the one-time $50 vaccination incentive to students ages 5-11 who have received all the appropriate doses of the vaccine against COVID-19. The incentive will be distributed in the form of an ecard by email to the email the parent provides when submitting the student's proof of vaccination. To get the card, parents/guardians or students who are at least 18 should fill out the proof of vaccination form and submit a copy of the student's COVID vaccination card, IMMTrac2 print out or written confirmation from a medical provider by March 31.

    The deadline for students ages 12 and older to participate was Nov. 15. Parents will be notified by campuses when the gift cards will be available. 

    Participation in the student vaccination incentive is entirely voluntary and based on the personal preferences of students and their families. The information provided will help the district determine how many students who are eligible have been fully vaccinated and facilitate the contact tracing and quarantine processes, which are different depending on vaccination status.

    Once proof of vaccination is submitted, the forms will be processed, and parents and students will be notified when and where the cards will be available to be picked up. 

    QR code for student vaccine incentive
    How to provide proof of vaccination

     To find a COVID vaccine clinic near you, visit https://www.dallasisd.org/covidvaccine.

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