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    The Dallas Independent School District Student Transportation Services Department pursues customer service excellence by providing safe, efficient, and timely transportation to promote the educational opportunities for all Dallas ISD students through well trained staff committed to safety, excellence, and continual professional development. 

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    Student Transportation Services Call Center

    Have questions about bus transportation?

    Call us at 972-925-4BUS or 972-925-4287

    Hours of Operation:

    Monday - Friday; 6am-6pm

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    > How to REGISTER for transportation services

    School Safety Protocols 

    > DISD School Hours 


    All posted times for bus stops are approximate as there are several variables which may contribute to arrival times such as weather, traffic and other unexpected factors.

    Students should arrive at their assigned bus stop at least 5 minutes before the scheduled pick up time.  

    We strongly encourage our parents to download the My Stop App which will provide parents / guardians with GPS and approximate arrival time information for the bus in route.  

    Find Your Bus Stop Here  (Only for Neighborhood Schools) - This search is specific to the grade level and home address provided. The system will provide route number with bus arrival time in the a.m. as well as arrival time in the p.m. 

    > 2021-22 Bus Routes and Stops

    > General Bus Stop and Routing Information

    > Standard Drop Off Time and Pick Up Time from School



    > Offenses and Consequenses  

    > Dallas ISD Student Code of Conduct 



    > General Safety Information for students and parents

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    Use the following tools to stay connected with Student Transportation Services.  

    > BUS BULLETIN A notification system that informs parents of major bus delays through text messages, voice mails, and / or emails. 

    > E - LINK Provides parents with their student(s) transportation information including: stop time, stop location, and route number.

    > MYSTOP MOBILE APP Allows parents to view student's live bus location within a ten-minute window of projected bus arrival time.  

    > LET'S TALK Allows our community to directly send us questions, comments, and feedback regarding Student Transportation Services.

     Frequently Asked Questions about My Stop

    I forgot My Stop password - Contact Student Transportation Services at 972-925-4287.  The Student Transportation Services Dept will not be able to see your password but will have the option to reset the password.  Please allow 24 hours for the reset. 


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  • Join Us with our Donation Drive benefitting our Dallas ISD Homeless Education Students - click on the box below for more details

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    Help the Student Transportation Services Department recognize our outstanding Bus Drivers. 

    We have initiated a campaign called Brag on a Bus Driver where parents can let us know when our drivers have engaged in above and beyond service. 

    You will need:

    Bus# and Route #

    Please use the QR Code or link below to Brag on a Bus Driver. 



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