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    The recent senseless tragedy in Georgia where individuals of Asian descent were targeted and killed raises the question, why is this happening and what will it take to stop the violence and hate.

    While Atlanta is hundreds of miles away, families in our area are still concerned. Dallas ISD Superintendent Michael Hinojosa says the question is relevant in a school district that represents so much diversity. “Our students come from 150 countries and speak 70 languages,” Hinojosa said. “Hate speech and acts of racially motivated prejudice and racism have no place in our district or anywhere in a civilized society.”

    Alone, individuals can feel powerless to find solutions, but together, he says, it’s possible to amplify the message that everyone has a duty to condemn acts of hate against any individual or group.

    Dallas ISD is working to raise the bar of intercultural understanding and equity in our community. On Monday, April 12, our Racial Equity Office will sponsor a cultural intelligence town hall, the third in a series of racial equity webinars to engage the public in this vital discussion. Registration for the free event is available at www.dallasisd.org/racialequity.

    Dallas ISD also wants to foster the free exchange of positive ideas and invites you to share your perspectives at Voices@dallasisd.org. To stay up to date on these conversations, visit:  dallasisd.org/voices.


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