• School Overview

    ECC Our Mission: Challenging our diverse population of first-generation college students to achieve academic excellence, Lassiter Early College High School uniquely blends high school and the first two years of college and provides our students with the social and emotional support to become productive citizens.
    The goal of Lassiter Early College High School is for all students to graduate with high school diplomas and 60 or more credits—even earning an associate degree. The degree indicates completion of core requirements transferable to four-year colleges everywhere. The courses required to earn the degree are free of charge. In 2022, 56 students received their associate degree through Lassiter Early College High School and El Centro Campus.
    Lassiter Early College High School is proud of the work of its students, parents, and staff in meeting all three criteria for distinctions in College Readiness Achievement, Associate Degree completion, and serving at-risk students.
    The small size of Lassiter Early College High School allows faculty members to support students’ college coursework through tutoring, skill enrichment, and the kinds of relationships that motivate students to do great work. Those relationships create a family atmosphere, enhanced by close friendships and select activities that supplement students’ academic lives.
    Lassiter Early College High School is proud to be the flagship of Dallas Independent School District’s dual-credit programs. For over 30 years, students traditionally underserved by higher education have had the benefit of earning their high school diplomas at El Centro Campus while enjoying success in college classes. Lassiter ECHS was established in 1988. In 2014, it was renamed after Dr. Wright L. Lassiter Jr., who was the president of El Centro College when LECHS was first established.

    Dr. Wright L. Lassiter Jr. welcomed Middle College High School to the El Centro campus in 1988 when he was president of the college. He went on to serve as Chancellor of the Dallas County Community College District, continuing a distinguished career as a mentor, teacher, educational leader and as a model of community service. His decision to accept a high school on the El Centro campus enabled thousands of young women and men to begin their college careers while they are still in high school. His support for students and his belief in the power of education continued to make a lasting impact on families and on the Dallas community until his passing away on July 1, 2019.

    For more information about Dr. Lassiter, visit Remembering Wright L. Lassiter Jr. - Humanities Texas