• Homeless Resources Download here.


    • The City of Dallas Office of Homeless Solutions launched the effort of moving persons into hotel rooms. OHS’ priority groups are:
    • Persons experiencing homelessness, in need of quarantine
    • Persons in shelters and on the “Priority Housing List”


    • OHS will coordinate continued service for these guests. OHS will work with partners to identify and secure rental property and provide assistance for a period of up to 6 months for guest ready for housing. This process will serve the purposes of freeing up beds in shelters and getting people into their own home. Long term case management will be provided to anyone getting placed in a new home.
    • Information on The Bridge Homeless Recovery Center can be found here.
    • Information on Austin Street Center can be found here.
    • Information on Family Gateway can be found here.
    • Viola's House | A Maternity Home for Homeless Teenagers


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