• Feminist Club

  • Meeting Times & Location

    We meet every Tuesday from 4:30 PM to 5:30 PM in Room 113.


    Mission, Vision, Goals:

    • It is the mission of Bryan Adams High School Feminist Club to advocate for human rights, focusing on those that pertain to gender equality. The Feminist Club believes that all genders are equally important and seeks to create a safe space to learn about discuss topics related to the history and impact of feminism.


    • The vision for the club is a school where students are equipped with the knowledge to advocate for each other. Feminist Club members want all students to feel more empowered and excited to address challenges and opportunities associated with gender equality.


    • Our Goals: 
      • Educate members and the community on the history of Feminist Movements. 
      • Create a safe space where thoughts and feelings can both validated and discussed. 
      • Provide students with opportunities to participate in hands-on community service.
  • Sponsor

    Ms. Watson


    Room #113