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    Student Uniform Guidelines

    Students of Sunset P-TECH will wear designated uniforms for the 2021-2022 school year. The uniform guidelines are as follows:


     9th & 10th Grade Uniform Policy

    Mondays-Purple Polo w/Khaki or Black Bottoms

    Tuesdays-Gray Short Sleeve Oxford w/Khaki or Black Bottoms

    Wednesdays-Gray Long Sleeve Oxford w/Khaki or Black Bottoms. Young men will also wear their P-TECH tie.

    Thursdays-Any College T-shirt w/ School Appropriate Bottoms, including Jeans

    Fridays- Sunset P-TECH or Sunset High School T-shirt w/Jeans


    11th & 12th Grade Uniform Policy

    Mondays - Black Polo w/School Appropriate Bottoms

    Tuesdays - Black & White Long Sleeve Checkered Oxford w/ School Appropriate Bottoms.  Young men will also wear their black ties.

    Wednesdays - Free Dress 

    Thursdays - Any College T-Shirt w/ School Appropriate Bottoms, including Jeans

    Fridays - Sunset P-TECH or Sunset High School T-Shirt w/Jeans


    Bottoms for 9th and 10th Grades

    • On Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays, students may wear pants, shorts and skirts, skorts, or capris for young ladies. 
    • No jeans may be worn on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. 
    • On Thursdays, students may wear pants, shorts, jeans (skirts, skorts, capris for young ladies) of any color.
    • On Fridays, students are asked to wear jeans, jean shorts (jean/denim skirts, skorts, capris for young ladies) of any color. 
    • Shorts, skirts, skorts, and capris must be at least finger-tip length in accordance with the Dallas ISD Dress Code Policy.
    • Bottoms, including jeans, are not permitted to have designed holes and/or rips in them.
    • All bottoms with belt loops must have a belt worn with them.  We prefer that you wear a black or brown belt.



    All shirts must be tucked in at all times for ALL students.


    Sweater/Sweater Vest

    • Students may wear their sweater (young ladies) or sweater vest (young men) on any day.
    • There will be times that we ask students to wear their sweater/sweater vest on designated days. We will notify students of those designated days through email, REMIND messaging, and/or telephone School Messenger. 


    Jackets, Coats and Non-P-TECH Tops

    Jackets are not limited to uniform colors. In accordance with the Dallas ISD Dress Code Policy, there must be appropriately sized and worn over an approved uniform. They may not contain offensive slogans, symbols, or other suggestive or controversial designs. Jackets and coats with hoods are permitted. 



    All 9th and 10th-grade young men are asked to wear their Sunset P-TECH tie on Wednesdays with their gray long sleeve oxford shirt.  All 11th-grade young men are asked to wear their black-tie on Tuesdays with their black/white checkered long sleeve oxford shirt.  Feel free to YouTube How to tie a tie to help with learning how to tie a tie. We will conduct some sessions at school on how to tie a tie early in the school year. 



    Students must wear athletic shoes, loafers, dress shoes, or other closed-toe, closed-heel shoes in accordance with the Dallas ISD Dress Code Policy. Students may wear any color of shoes. 



    • Hair must be neatly groomed (No hair rollers, hair curlers, hair picks, plastic hair bags, hairnets, or hair wraps will be permitted to be worn in the building)
    • Hats/caps of any type are NOT be permitted in the building at any time.
    • Sweatbands, bandanas of any type will NOT be permitted.
    • No facial jewelry of any type, such as ear gauges, nose rings, eyebrow rings, tongue rings, or other imaginative facial piercings will be allowed for young men or young ladies. Young men are not permitted to wear earrings.
    • All tattoos must be covered by clothing or other materials during the school day and at all school events.


    Identification Badges

    All students are required to wear school-issued ID badges (high school and college) at all times. Students must fasten the ID badge on the school-issued lanyard and it must be worn around the neck. ID badges must be visible at all times. 


    Special "Professional Dress" Days

    In an effort to build a sense of community, responsibility as well as career and personal preparedness, there will be days that we ask our students to "dress up" in professional attire for the school day. We will notify the students of these special occasions through email, REMIND messaging, letters, and/or telephone School Messenger.  

    It is our goal to have our students represent themselves, their families, the Sunset P-TECH, and the entire Sunset High School Community in a respectful and appropriate manner at all times. The incorporation of the uniform guidelines is just one way in which we want our students to model this expectation. If you have any questions and/or concerns, please feel free to contact our P-TECH Administrator, Mr. Ralph Spencer, Jr. by email at raspencer@dallasisd.org. Thank you, parents and students, for working with us.